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“Our mission is to become the primary resource in Central Indiana for wine education and experience. We understand that education and experience is critical in expanding your knowledge and ability to enjoy “wine from the best wine regions in the world”.

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Receive an expert chosen wine for you every month based on 4 different price points. You’ll never receive the same wine in your club. We taste and vet every wine chosen for your Vault Cru Wine Club bottle.

These wines will always express our desire to show you wines from all over the wine world!

Be the first to get invited to our events thought the year!

Special wine tastings, wine maker visits, holiday events and more!

Get discounts on the most popular food items and complimentary food on select days!


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Our Wine Club selections consistently embody our aspiration to introduce you to wines hailing from various corners of the wine world!

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We are all about education here at the Wine Vault so we have created the Wine Vault Academy. Each month we will have multiple classes that will focus on different topics including grape, style, region, etc and will be geared toward multiple knowledge levels and depth of the topic.
Don’t worry if your knowledge isn’t a “masters level” it’s more about how deep the dive will be, not about how much you know.
The price and availability will vary depending on the class.

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